My name is George Softas, I am a fullstack Web Developer, generalist and all around techie from Thessaloniki, Greece. I have been working for a non-tech organisation as a CIO for the last 15+ years. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to wear a number of different hats during my career: Software Engineer, Solutions Architect, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Graphic Designer, Video Editor, Mobile Applications Developer and many more. Each of them allowed me to get different perspectives on how an organisation works and what are the most important parts in it (spoiler alert: most of the time its the people working there).

In 2013, I founded my tiny creative software development studio called in order to find ways to work with like minded organisations or individuals and house my creative projects. During this past year, I have put an effort on re-positioning the direction the studio was in, opening the gates to new and exciting possibilities that will be unveiled in the near future.

The main technologies I like use for developing applications are Ruby on Rails, Express, PostgreSQL, ReactJS, Docker, Swift and Wordpress, but I am always open to learning new technologies and tools. I believe that picking the right tool for the task at hand is often as important as developing the solution itself, and it is something that should be made without bias or personal reasons for justifying such a choice.

In my spare time, I love creating photographs and videos, listening to, playing and recording music, practicing yoga, obsessing about coffee and tea, cooking, watching documentaries and films and reading books (like Freakonomics or The 4 Hour Chef or any other book that shares a story worth being told).

As an all around techie, one of my interests lies in how technology can be used to make our lives better, simpler and how to leverage it to solve problems in effective and intelligent ways. I am always looking for more like minded people to work, collaborate and learn from so if you want to get in touch please send me an e-mail here.