New York City 2016

Travel Journals: New York City, 2016

New York City 2013

Travel Journals: New York City, 2013

Lunar Eclipse 2018

The Blood Moon eclipse


Travel Journals: Island of Naxos, 2013

Thessaloniki Seafront

Thessaloniki Seafront

Niagara Falls

Travel Journals: Niagara Falls, 2015

New York City

Travel Journals: New York City 2015

Why Not - Pop Up Library 2

A series of pictures to capture a very unique day

Thessaloniki City Hall

Thessaloniki City Hall

Trip to Lake Kerkini

A trip to picturesque Lake Kerkini, in Serres, Greece


Travel Journals: A flash trip to the capital of the UK

By the sea

'The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever...'